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What would you have done?

The day that the news came out of Kentucky about Breanna Taylor not getting justice, I was overcome with the deepest-darkest sadness. The longer I listened to the news, the angrier I got. I felt my blood pressure rise, and I knew I had to turn it off. I texted my girlfriends in the US and Canada, we are on a group text, and I posted on social media, wiped my tears, and then I left my house.

As I was driving along, in oncoming traffic, I saw a white motorcycle officer pulling over a black man, and my heart sunk into my stomach. I actually felt my heart hurt for a moment as it took my breath away. I kept my eye on them as long as I could, it was going the opposite direction in traffic.

Moments later a car moved by me in the outside lane and it was then that I noticed that his passenger tail light was out. What came next, is not normally my style, but I felt this urge that since I had just seen a white cop pull a black guy over just moments earlier, and that the police that murdered Breonna Taylor were going to walk free, I didn’t want to see any black or brown person, give a cop any reason to pull them over. We were in traffic and we weren’t really moving at the speed limit, but with all the traffic, I had to maneuver around a few cars to catch up to him. Once, I finally caught up to him, I shouted through our rolled down windows, “your passenger tail light is out, I don’t want you to get stopped.” The look on his face, well, it was like, wtf lady? Honestly, I had every good intention, to help. But if I looked like a crazy old lady, but it saved him from getting a ticket, or pulled over, I’ll take it! At least I tried.

Look, it is completely messed up that I felt that I HAD to chase him down when you think about it. But, with what we have all seen with our own eyes, black and brown people are under assault, and this administration seems to be fanning the flames, which is infuriating to me. And this assault, has gone on since the beginning. This country, this system, needs a complete overhaul, so that every, man, woman, and child, regardless of the color of their skin, their religion, ethnicity, or their sexual orientation, be treated with equality, and the upmost dignity, and respect for EVERYONE!

In closing, 2020 has been one hell of a year, huh!? People out of work, a pandemic, lockdown, schools on-line, an election cycle year, a presidential election, murders, police brutality. It’s been intense, and it doesn’t seem to be letting up. This is also the year that I turn 59, in fact, a few days after the election is my birthday. I’m hoping for one thing for my birthday that you can help with.


With respect, love, and light,


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