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Today is a new day, Monday too! I just realized that I’m overloaded by all the holiday hoopla and there’s more to come with New Year’s Eve tomorrow. How does one cope with all of the crazy energy that the holidays and the years end bring?

As I was sitting at my dining table, I realized I still had my ear pods in from my last phone conversation, and I didn’t hate it! It was like this moment when I could hear my own heartbeat, my own breath, and that is when I realized that I was overloaded. Overloaded by sound.

I sat silently just listening to my breath. It brought me back to my body. Ah…I feel more grounded. I am sitting in the silence and noting every thought as if it was driving by on the train. Not holding the thought but acknowledging it and then on to the next, until there was nothing. No thought. Nothing.

Until that next moment of total freak out when the phone rang in my ear. I have a love-hate relationship with technology but am happy to have it as it is how I am able to feel connected more to my friends and family. Talking, texting, social media, it’s good for me but there comes a time when it is time to disconnect. To put some earbuds or earplugs and just listen to your own heartbeat. Hear your own breath.

Lesson: If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to just breathe. Disconnect from the energy of the craziness, sound off if you dare. Listen to your own heartbeat. Listen to your own breath. B – R – E – A – T – H – E Let it all go for the moment. Think about the importance of your breath and your heartbeat. Nothing more. It’s amazing how this simple act allowed me to shift.

Just wanted to share a moment of clarity and hope that it might help someone out there today.

Many Blessings,




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