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Healing Chakras with Sound

What do you know about musical notes and the chakras? How about mantras and chakras? Well, like most things in the Healing Arts there is a line of connection….ENERGY.

We are energy. Everything has/is energy. From plants to rocks. Have you ever gone to the NASA website and listened to the sounds that are made in the atmosphere? Crazy, cool, stuff!

When we think about music, we might not think about it in terms of energy but I learned this as a child and it stayed with me all these years. I had a friend who was hearing impaired. We were in Brownies together for a few years, I even learned my first signs of sign language from her. At one of our meetings, our troop leader brought out her guitar for “music” time. As our troop leader played, my hearing-impaired friend laid her hand on the guitar. She seemed to be enjoying the music as much as the rest of us. Later, I asked about it and she shared that she could feel the vibration of the strings. Same with piano, drums, etc. Although I didn’t understand completely, I was so happy my friend could participate in music because music brought me so much joy.

Music is energy. Chakras are energy. When we are working with our chakra system, we are working with energy. Energy that has come from us, others, our surroundings, the Universe. There is so much static coming at us, all the time, it’s no wonder that we might struggle to keep our internal energy system balanced.

I am amazed that there are so many ways that we can keep our chakra system in balance. Music, chanting, meditating, singing, will all raise our vibration which will help the balance in our energy system.

It’s really easy to work with music and your chakras. Simply playing the note, humming the note, or chanting/singing the mantra will raise your energy and will assist in balancing your chakra system. This can be a daily practice, adding it into your meditation for the day/night. I love music and I have musical instruments so for me, it was easy for me to work into my daily practice.

I hope that you have found this information to be insightful and if you would like to learn more, please visit our website at or feel free to reach out anytime. Sandy Berry is a Reiki Master and available for in person and distance healing sessions.



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