• Sandy Berry


Enough is enough! The tides are shifting, planets are aligning, and 400+ years is far too long! It is time for CHANGE! NOW IS THE TIME! WE MUST END RACISM!


Black Lives Matter to me!

Black Lives Matter!


As I have paused, I have been respectfully listening, reading, watching movies/ documentaries, hearing stories, watching things unfold across America and the world, and grieving the deaths of so many black Americans at the hands of police brutality, to start to educate myself, which will be on-going. I have so much to learn.

I can now see, more than ever before, my own white privilege and I understand the part I have played in systemic racism. Yes! I am disappointed in myself—but I own it! And I vow to change it through a dedication to education, listening, reading, having difficult conversations with those that are choosing not to educate themselves and grow, lifting up and promoting black voices and businesses, and supporting causes that will help put an end to racism once and for all, so that we may all be anti-racist, here in the US and across the world BECAUSE THE COLOR OF OUR SKIN SHOULD NEVER MATTER! NEVER!


As a healer, I want to help to end the suffering across this country and around the world. I also know that growth and change, lasting change, historical change, is painful and it takes a lot of energy to bring it all into fruition which is what you are seeing now with the protests across the globe.

I am one woman and I cannot do it alone. It is time to end the senseless racial divide across our lands. It is time for the police brutality toward black Americans to stop! It is time for white Americans to wake the F up! Understand the part you have played! How you have benefited from systemic racism, confront your own racism. Come to terms with it, and STAND AGAINST RACISM! BECOME AN ANTI-RACIST! It is time to rise up and take a stand for what is right! For what is just! No justice—no peace! It will only be when we are ALL FREE will ALL BE FREE.



My eyes are open and I am not going back! My heart is open! My ears are open! My mind is open! I stand with @mvmnt4blklives @BlackLivesMatter

@ColorofChange and so many more because their messages

speak to my soul!



What can you do? Take action! Get Involved! Read and sign petitions, share via social media and email, educate yourself and others, donate, protest, speak up, amplify black voices, share and support black businesses, accounts, and websites. Do everything you can and I vow to do the same.

In Love and Light,

Sandy -


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