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Body Listening

As you know, we are often thought of as a "one size fits all" society, especially when it comes to healing. Doctors prescribe these "one size fits all" medications and routines that just don't work for everyone. If you're like me, the goal is about healing without all these invasive therapies and medications. Which brings me to another healing modality available to assist in bringing the mind-body system back into balance.

Today, I'd like to introduce information about Body Listening. It is a healing modality that allows the practioner to connect energetically and intuitively to the client in order to unite the mind, body, and spirit, while removing any blocks that might be stagnant in the mind-body system.

The Body Listening practioner begins with a consultation and once the practioner and the client have discussed what they will focus on during the session, the practioner begins. With the client sitting or lying comfortably, the practioner greets the whole person, and begins listening to the emotional and physical experiences of the body, as the client is in a calm and relaxed state. The practioner will energetically and physically remove blocks and tensions from the body and clear the energy field of the body. The practioner will then translate what the body is telling the client for optimal well being ​Uniting the mind, body, and spirit.

​Body Listening For Women™ by Daphneleah is a restorative experience unique to each client. You will experience a transformation, stress-reduction, and a clarity of focus. You will reignite the willingness and ability to take needed actions to live your best life. Daphneleah will help you live a life in the present with joy and awareness.

"I have had the pleasure of having a Body Listening for Women™ session by Daphneleah many years ago, and the experience is stamped in my mind still because it was so lovely, enlightening, and relaxing." Sandy Berry

If you are feeling overwhelmed, tired, and confused about your next steps, Body Listening for Women™ by Daphneleah can help you find solutions to your challenges through accessing your body’s wisdom and intuition.

Daphneleah is a Yoga student and an accomplished energy bodyworker with over 25 years of practice and study in spirituality, energy healing, and bodywork. Her purpose is to be a conduit of love and creativity. She is a source of strength and clarity for those that are in different places of awakening. Daphneleah is a level II Reiki Practitioner. Visit her website for more information and to book a session at

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