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Are you mailing in your ballot?

People our USPS has been under attack! Have you noticed a slow down in your postal service? I certainly have! It wasn't about "testing" the system, but, it was because so many of my friends will vote by mail.

For me, it took 15 days from west Texas to Aurora Colorado, A 10 hour drive! for an 8x10 manila padded envelope. Weeks before, my friend in California sent me a greeting card, 10 days. So, as I was sharing this with a few of my senior women friends that are scattered throughout the US, we decided to send each other cards and letters, which also helps tremendously, as there are a few of us that are single. But what we came to notice was a bit interesting, at least to us.

We have noticed an interesting trend. If the mail is coming from and going to what the current administration calls, a “red” state, it seems to make it in the time it would normally. However, if a “blue” state is involved on either end, the mail is delayed. This is just my experience and observation. However, it sends loads of red flags 🚩

Voting is our right! Its what makes-us a democracy! There should be no one in our government trying to obstruct the vote. Yet, that is what we are up against.

Please, use my experience and observation, as your starting point to make sure that the mail is moving in a timely manner, ESPECIALLY before mailing your ballot. Get an idea of how the mail is running now, in the midst of a pandemic. Be informed and VOTE accordingly.

If you find that you don't trust that your ballot will arrive safely, yet you still don't feel safe going in person, consider the VOTER DROP BOXES. Here in Colorado, they are at the library entrances, and in front of the municipal buildings. It looks very similar to a post box but has very specific instructions on the front for an easy drop off.

WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE. IT'S TOO IMPORTANT! Don't forget to make sure that you are registered! Don't forget to sign your mail in ballot. VOTE 2020 VOTE 2020 VOTE 2020 VOTE 2020 VOTE 2020 VOTE 2020 VOTE


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