• Sandy Berry

Winds of Change

It has been quite an election cycle--with so much at stake. Even those in other countries were cheering us on through social media, to be sure to exercise our right to vote. And Wow! what a night in our US of A. Record voters, young voters, voters who were trying to be suppressed. History was made across the country. From flipping some states from one party to another, record numbers of women were voted into office. YES!! Some were the first Native American women, others were Muslim women. Just a bit of history: Did you know, that on August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified and on November 2, 1920, more than 8 million women across the United States voted in elections for the first time. WOMEN, did you know that men were able to vote for 131 years before women? Susan B. Anthony was the first woman to cast a ballot November 5, 1872 in the presidential election, even though women did not have the right to vote. Two weeks after her ballot was cast, she was arrested and then the following year was found guilty of illegal voting. You CAN make a difference, you do not need ANYONE else to tell you how to vote. YOU can change history when you vote. So women, PLEASE step up and vote. Teach your children to be an active member of this society and about how important it is to cast your vote and be heard. It's your right! Be part of the conversation. 2020 is just around the corner.

My new home state of Colorado, was just one state that made history by voting in their first openly gay governor. The LBGTQ community had a good night in the mid-terms. Yes!! America was ready to change the conversation. They were for change, and they voted their conscience by voting to bring about that change and made history across the board. This is how we do it, people! This is democracy.

I've been so saddened to see the great division that has plagued our country over the last couple of years, and that we have those that fuel the fires of discontent, rather than setting the "good" example, which is not helping anyone.

If we look back on history, and remember that history is the great predictor of the future. When lessons aren't learned, they are repeated. We can see, more than once, that a country was divided by the rhetoric of those that would chant over and over that "they and they alone, can make the changes EVERYONE desires." Well, there is NO magic person, or magic pill, that can cure all ills. It's that simple! Lets make sure we all understand that because it takes a TEAM....just like all parents know, it takes a village to raise a child...….it takes a TEAM of hardworking, non-partisan people working TOGETHER, to bring about change that is best for the country as a whole. It takes a team, and all this finger pointing, and blame, and racism, and negativity, is not going to do anything but drive a bigger wedge and divide us further. We HAVE to find a way to come together and help each other. This anger and hostility has got to come to an end. We are the HUMAN RACE, we ARE THE SAME. Our religious beliefs, our sexual orientation, the color of our skin, whether we are male, female, it doesn't matter......WE ARE ALL ONE AND WE ARE ALL OF THE HUMAN RACE.

Our country is in the "fight/flight" mode right now, and we all need to just take a deep breath and remember who we really are; not just as people, but as a country. What was this country built on? We need to remember some of those lessons in kindness, to love thy neighbor as we love ourselves, to treat others how we wish to be treated, to be kind first, and step up and help each other understand those with differing opinions and beliefs. To be inclusive. This idea that if you're a democrat the republicans dislike you and if you're a republican the democrats dislike you. You can't win for losing with this mentality. It is imperative that we come together as a nation, regardless of party. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.

I would just appreciate more people embracing the differences in others without the hate and the negativity and name calling. So we disagree. Why do we have to resort to cruelty and emotional abuse? We learn and grow through adversity, through the differences.

On my 57th birthday, I celebrate my right to voice my opinion, so I will wrap up this post by ending with this thought. The winds of change are upon us, and we've seen proof of this during the last presidential election in 2016, and then again, in the mid-terms of 2018. We must ask ourselves which side of history we are going to stand on. We must exercise our rights to vote, to stand up for what we believe in, and to no longer hope that someone is going to rush in and save us...WE HAVE TO SAVE OURSELVES and we cannot do that in a country divided.

The "campaigning" has already begun for the 2020 presidential election. I hope my nerves can take 2 years of all the backstabbing and lies. If you did not vote in this election, or if you have never voted in an election, I pray you will exercise this important right to allow your voice to be heard and to be part of this democracy that our Constitution was written to protect and there were many before you that died for you to have this right. Americans, we must stand together.

Sending you love and light and wishing you well on your journey.





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