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Is It A Sign or Is It Just A Leaky Window?

It’s been just a little over a year since I made the move to Colorado. It was absolutely the best thing I could’ve done for myself. I’ve fallen in love with this place! The natives are so kind and generous, and helpful. I’ve been welcomed with open arms.

I’m grateful for every experience I’ve had here, as it has been a learning and growing experience for my soul. When I look back over the last year—I’ve gotten some poignant messages about my own growth and evolution, which I’m grateful for…I’m here to experience life, to learn and grow, and sometimes that means I am quite uncomfortable, that is, until the lesson(s) is revealed and I can be in gratitude for the lesson(s). Often lessons learned aren’t easy to embrace, but if we can, it can push us forward into the next life experience.

Considering my background working with symbols, I should’ve taken note sooner, however, I didn’t and that is where this story begins.

When I moved into my condo I had taken into consideration some upgrades that had to be done before I could even move in. Like most buyers of older properties, you just know that there will be some work to do. You also hope that the person you purchased your property from was honest on the sellers disclosure statement, which was one of the side-notes of this story.

While some of the work was being done, I was staying elsewhere. No one was living in the condo yet so imagine my surprise when the painter called and said when I came in your kitchen sink was backed up and I’m taking buckets of water out. “What?!” I’ll be right there. I paid for the plumber because what am I going to do with a sink that is literally overflowing even though no water was running in the house. SIGN #1 – COLORADO CONDO. Ignored as typical house stuff.

Sign #2 was when I noticed a low spot just outside my condo that was beginning to hold water due to an underground water leak. A mental note was made about the standing water and I moved on. That is, until we had a strong rain. The low point was beginning to flood with help from the gutters that were so full of debris they couldn't do their job and that caused a waterfall type downpour. With the rain, gutters, and low spot just outside my condo--the water was rushing onto my patio which caused me to panic. If the rain continued, I could see that water would be coming inside.

I reached out to the HOA to make sure they were aware of the issue. Can I just say, I moved to a “community” and I’ve been learning to do things by committee, ugh! The long wait for them to act has proven to be quite frustrating. In the meantime, I researched sand bags. I figure if you can’t beat ‘em, If I can’t get them to tend to it sooner rather than later, then at least I will be better off without water in my house. So, I ordered a product called “Quick Dam”(unpaid advertisement). Two 10’ pieces that you lay flat (light weight) but then when they get wet they blow up and become a heavy-duty dam. Cool right? I felt like I had done my due diligence to make sure I was keeping water out of my house. Two-day delivery also a big plus in this instance.

Sign #3 A couple of days later, I was out admiring the clouds, and I heard the roar of thunder and made way to get the dams out to hopefully spare my house from an impending flood. I am so very grateful I did that because moments later it was coming down and the water began rushing up on my patio and the barriers stopped it from getting inside. Relief.

However, I kept hearing what sounded like running water. I scanned the condo and EEK I found it! It appeared to be a leaky window which was gushing down the wall, soaking curtains and carpet. I used every towel and rag I had to sop it up. I was running all over the place trying to get pans and stuff to move the soaked towels to the laundry room to spin and then dry a bit and be ready for the next wave of water coming in from the outside. All of a sudden, everything went into slow motion. I was reliving my home in Texas and all of the water issues I had before I replaced all of the windows, roof, and hot water heater. But something started nagging at me…you know, like what am I missing here? Eventually, it occurred to me that I might need to look beyond the leaks to see if something else was going on. As I said, I’m big on “signs” and I began to wonder. Was that leaking window a sign? Or, was it simply a leaky window the previous owner didn’t disclose?

So, what about all that water? In my last home, I was always stressed about the water freezing up in winter, and water leaks, in general there, and now in my new home—here it is again? Why is water rushing into my life here in my new place? It can’t be just because I’m a Scorpio, right?

In symbolism, water represents all life, sustenance, understanding, or wisdom. The embodiment of spirituality or spiritual wisdom. Emotions, subconscious, the unconscious, or the soul. Associated with the feminine. The type of water, as in, clear water-may indicate clarity of insight. Dirty/murky water may indicate unclear situation, clouded emotions, feelings, or understanding. Also, can correlate to the passage of time, a new birth or death, for example.[1]

In terms of chakras and the elements, and the way they refer to “water” as a symbol, the second chakra is the sacral chakra, and its element is water and relates to that in terms of our emotions, compassion, becoming more reflective, love, truth, and nurturing. The second chakra represents our creative expression, feelings, emotions, freedom, sexuality, rejuvenation, challenges, motivations, being emotionally balanced, and allowing pleasure into our life. Within this knowledge of the chakras we also know that there are physical traits for each and in the sacral chakra this is our gallbladder, skin, spleen, ovaries, testis, kidneys.[2] I went to doctor for a check and there were some issues but nothing serious.

So, with all this knowledge, what does my leaky window mean? First, I contacted the previous owner, and she did admit the window had leaked at one time but not for a while. I sent her video and she said it never leaked to the degree I had experienced. Even other neighbors chimed in about how the previous owner had dealt with water coming in. So, I felt like the window was the issue.

Sign #4 I had a few window people out for estimates, and got one ordered. Back ordered, 6 to 8 weeks, to be exact. In the meantime, I’ve had to be an expert at planning ahead for rain, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, the minute I think rain is coming I have to get home and tend to the window, to prepare with towels, buckets, etc. I call it “window duty”… more like window dooty, because I cannot leave my house as it pours in. I know, ugh right? I had to miss 2 events out of town because of window dooty. I digress.

Before, I moved, I had everything planned out, how I saw my new life one way but when I got here—I didn’t feel like it was what I wanted to do after all. The thought of it felt like a pair of the wrong size jeans. I had one idea, and once I settled in, I realized that I needed to re-think my plan. My “calling” was shifting and changing right under my feet.

Even though I know that I want to be of service, it will not be in the way I have done it in the past, because it simply does not suit who I am becoming in this new place, this new space, and this time of my life. It’s still an unknown to me. Although being a hypnotherapist gives me a unique perspective into the subconscious and conscious minds of human kind. This skill helps me dig deeper into my own psyche too. I have been working overtime on this aspect of things. It’s quite off-putting when you have a plan and then you realize it might’ve been a good plan when you thought it up….until it wasn’t. I felt off balance and a bit lost.

I love creating new things. I create through painting, arts and crafts, making soaps, lotions, candles, writing, music, photography, and recently, I learned how to make bracelets with crystal beads. I create simply because it speaks to my soul. I lose all track of time when I am creating and working with my hands and my mind. I still coach and teach, when I am called to, but somehow, I just have this feeling deep within my soul, that I need to be open to new ways of being of service that not only honors others, but honors me and my life and my life experiences. I know I want to help others—honoring them in every way that I can; while honoring myself, for the highest good of all.

I know that I am going through some deep changes in my life, and I am remaining open to what is coming to me. Look, I’m learning to put myself out there again, to meet people, to find my tribe, and I’ve never been this age starting over. Single empty-nester, in her late fifties. In all honesty, it’s like that warning before you cross the bridge, “stay alert, everything is not what it seems.” All new to me! So, believe me when I say, I feel like signs are everywhere, it’s just which ones are for me? I am patiently awaiting the universe to make the signs more clear. In fact, "may the truth be revealed" is my mantra these days.

Jump ahead two weeks, I was on my way out to meet friends, when I reached down under the kitchen sink to grab a trash bag, and it was soaked. After a little look, I obviously wasn’t going anywhere. I changed my clothes, and set out to figure out what was wrong. I cleared everything out from under the sink and got towels down to soak up the water. I contacted a maintenance person who came shortly after the call, and after a little bit of checking, diagnosed the problem, garbage disposal leak, we nailed down a date and time to replace it. In the meantime, don’t run water in that side of the sink, run disposal, or use the dishwasher. Honestly, it was like the proverbial skillet over the head, WATER!!! Again!!?? Hello?!?! Are you paying attention?

So, after it was SO BLANTANT, and up front and center in my thoughts, once again keeping me from yet another planned event, I’m still trying to work out the puzzle of me, but I have made some headway into what it “might” mean. My creative expression has certainly been a bit off, stifled in fact – even though I’m in the perfect surroundings for most of my forms of creativity, the mind has been otherwise pre-occupied, processing.

Within the signs and symbols, there was reference to "death". It could easily be the death of a part of the self, or a relationship, a job, etc. not just someone passing. However, in my case, I did lose an immediate family member in the last few months. I moved from one state to another, left friends behind, and sold our family home. I have said good-bye to certain parts of myself that were holding me back in the past, and I released them in order to heal and move on. But, with things feeling out of balance, I wasn't so sure that I was actually replacing the "old" with the new, considering I was still trying to work things out.

I continue my search. I love pulling cards from different decks with the exact same question. I’m always happily amazed at how the theme of cards are as if they belong in the same deck. The meanings play out like a movie for me. I turned to the cards because I feel like I’ve tried every other method but yet to get a clear meaning of things. Sometimes, we have to have something sparked in us in order to remember the flame.

Law of Attraction cards: Do what you love and set a good example of believing in and going for one’s dreams. Law of Creation, the desire for the creation and the allowing of the creation. Doreen Virtue Life Purpose cards: Support, Teaching, Yoga. You inspire young people to learn and grow. Then for the Witches Tarot: King, Queen, Princess of wands and then 10 of pentacles. The seed of thought is chosen. The journey has begun to the modified card…The thought concept has been formed and, on its way,…The thought has manifested, seed harvested, the journey completed. The culmination, solidity, permanence in health and wealth, financial stability, happy, healthy, home. Then with the Goddess Guidance cards: Abundance/Prosperity and then shuffled and drew it again. Message: Be open to receiving, believe in yourself, stay focused on your goals and positive outcomes. Focus your mind on the positives.

I have seen and experienced a wealth in life, and living of lessons, and growth. Being a firm believer in past lives, karma, and the laws of this universe, I know that I am here to grow, to learn, to share, to teach, to help, to heal, to stick up for those who do not have a voice, to help create a better planet, to be here to assist in moving humanity forward in the ways that most serve humanity.

At the end of the day, I know the place is old and it needed updates, some were visible, some weren’t. Just like me, I need some updates, and some of my stuff is visible, and some is not. Signs, symbols, are always there playing in the background, it’s just about us paying attention. We might begin to see the similarities, the serendipity of it all. But, we HAVE to be paying attention.

WATER, the all sustaining, piece of life, that none of us can live without, no doubt!

Once that window is replaced and the water is outside rather than inside—I will look out and think of the lessons that the water has taught me. It helped me look deeper within myself. It helped me to identify certain aspects of myself that I had tried to push out of my mind, like the sudden loss of my brother, and the craziness surrounding his death. It helped me to reach out to others for assistance, and to cut the cord of some people that were proving to be quite toxic. It helped me see that I am stronger than I ever thought possible. It helped me to understand that my life has more meaning, more to do, more people to meet, more opportunities to grow, and to help others. It was way more than just a leaky window.

May you have something that sparks you into looking a little bit deeper, to discover those things which have been hidden to you in the past. I send you positive energy on your journey.

Many Blessings,





My book, Healing at the Vortex, is available on Amazon at: Healing at the Vortex

[1] The Encyclopedia of Symbolism by Kevin J Todeschi

[2] Healing at the Vortex by Saundra Berry

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