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Bye-Bye Facebook

I have used facebook for several years and enjoyed connecting with old friends and family. However, after the dangerous security hacks that have happened on facebook, more than once, I have had that sinking feeling and I decided I was not going down with the ship.

When I signed off of facebook a couple of months ago, I was met with some questions, comments, and even pleas not to go. The thing for me, is that I really didn’t want to take any more chances with mine or my family or friends’ lives security.

When we originally signed up for facebook, many of us gave our true personal information. We posted pictures, and tagged people, and let those looking inward have a real look into our lives. Even though I had a private account—friends of friends could scroll through your stuff, in case you weren’t aware. So, what I at one time, thought was a private account, only rendered me nothing more than a false sense of security.

There was a pretty serious security breech where people who had used facebook to sign into other apps were likely hit. It was telling those that had used the app to sign in to other vendor accounts, that we should go through and look to be sure nothing had been changed on those accounts. So, if you used facebook to sign in to your bank app for example, it’s a possibility that the information was hacked. YIKES!! Also, there was a breech with the third-party apps that could tell you what goddess you were, or where you live based on your answers, etc. Zuckerberg said that the third-party groups were gathering personal information in those as well. Like what your favorite color is, or what month your child was born, etc. Some of those types of things are what the average person might use in their passwords for other things, for example.

Before I signed off and deleted my account, I posted a note a few weeks in advance, to let people know that I was leaving. I said, “if you want to stay in touch send me a DM and we will exchange numbers, etc.” I did talk on the telephone with some, and DM'd with others, and exchanged numbers, and vowed to keep in touch. Some even saying that they would send a photo of the family now and then. Someone made the point that they post on facebook and that saves them time from having to send individual emails or texts. I get it! It’s a time saver. I respect your choice, and I do hope that by me leaving facebook that it won’t be the end of our friendship. But, in my mind, if it is, then we probably weren’t that good of friends anyway, right?

Since I’ve signed off and deleted my account—I’ve gotten more, and made more telephone calls, people are sending me pictures to my phone, and I have had actual face to face with others. It has actually helped me connect even more genuinely with some.

As for my business contacts, I didn’t lose anyone. In fact, I just asked them to join me on my website and made sure that I sent out all of my contact information. As for posting my photography and affirmations, I have an Instagram account for that—along with running the feed on my website.

Here’s how I see it. It’s okay to do something that not everyone is doing. It’s okay to do what you think is BEST FOR YOU. It’s really simple, you know what is best for you. It is okay not to be on facebook—personally and /or professionally. There are many other ways to reach your public. But, like I said, the choice is yours. Do it if you so desire, don’t if you don’t. I liken this to when I cut the cord to cable. People were like, “what!?” I did it before it was popular. It was another one of those things I am happy that I did for myself. I saved myself money, lots of money. That’s a share for another time.

Bottom line, each of us have to do what we need to in order to feel and be our authentic self. If something is sucking your time and energy, if something doesn’t feel right, if something no longer serves a positive in your life—It’s time to make a change. Do what works best for you, regardless of popular opinion. Each of us has a path to walk, and no two paths will ever be the exact same. So, do what you need to do for you—for your highest good. It’s okay to be different. Forge your own path--you might just find a lot more people there than you thought possible.

Many Blessings,





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