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Do You Have Trouble Asking For Help?

I don't know about you but there are times when I feel like I've got everything under control in my life. Everything seems to be in order and I don't have worries. Then, there are those times that I feel like I can't keep my thoughts straight and feel completely overwhelmed.

Today I was overwhelmed. I needed to run errands and I also needed to make a final decision on something big and make an important call. I had already been mulling over things for a few days and was no closer to an answer. If you know me, you know, it is difficult for me to ask for help. I feel like everyone has enough on their plate without my request. However, over the last few years I've come to realize that I must ask for help when I am stuck and I need to give myself permission to do so.

I decided rather than continuing to be overwhelmed and then frozen unable to make a decision, I made a call to a trusted friend. We are both chatty so we got our visiting done and then I asked for her help. After I shared my dilemma she was able to clearly and concisely help me by pointing out something that I had failed to see. You see, I had all of the information, as in I did my research, but I was still unable to see what she saw so quickly. It seemed so simple when she said it but I hadn't come to it and likely would have continued stressing myself out and never thought of it the way she put it to me.

Once we hung up, I made my call and it was an easy conversation, on and off of the phone in less than 5 minutes. So grateful for my friend as she helped move me out of fear and into action.

So, when you are overwhelmed are you able to eventually come to things on your own or do you reach out for help? Do you get frozen in fear and become stuck? Are you someone who is a great problem solver for others but find it difficult to help yourself?

I hope that you will consider this the next time you are feeling overwhelmed and are finding it hard to make a decision. It is okay not to know all the answers, no one person is all knowing, all seeing and NO ONE expects us to know all the answers. We all make mistakes and learn lessons, that is how we grow. I hope that you will not beat yourself up or not reach out when you need help. There is nothing weak about asking for help, it takes courage and it shows that you are human and still willing to learn. Remember, we are all here trying to figure it all out and no one person has all of the answers, it's okay.

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