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Writing It Down and Letting It Go

During the last week of every year I take time to sit alone with a pen and pad and I write. I write about the outgoing year. I acknowledge all things that have held some space in my mind and heart. I have all of my digital pictures and my handwritten journals to refresh my memory, once you hit 50 it certainly helps, and I look through them with laughter, tears, and some eye rolls. I not only want to look at the good times and good memories, I also want to look at when I could have done better.

As I write, I will make a list of accomplishments, lessons I’ve learned, and regrets, so that I can see what I need to improve upon! I do it this way because it’s important to see the positives, to see our strengths so that when we are trying to change things for the better, it is wonderful to know your strengths because it will be those strengths that will help you combat those things that are no longer serving your highest and best good and help you move forward in life.

Once I have done all of that then I make a nice fire, indoor or outdoor, I read through what I’ve written, and hold it next to my heart as I thank every experience that I’ve had, every lesson that I’ve learned, every blessing that I’ve had and then I throw it into the fire. I watch it turn from paper to ashes and I always get a feeling in the pit of my stomach of pure freedom, like the weight of the past year is lifted from me. Its like washing away all of the bad stuff and leaving room for a perfectly exciting, healthy, happy, abundant new future filled with all that I can dream and then being open to having wonderful new experiences that will allow me to fully embrace and be wholly present for the new year to come. It is truly exhilarating for me and I hope it will be for you!

I hope that you will give it a try…and if you don’t have a place that you can light a fire don't let that stop you, before I had a place to do it, I would line a large bowl or pan with foil and then light the paper and allow it to burn in the pan or bowl. Just make sure you have an open door or window and not near the smoke alarm. It really doesn't smoke that much but no need to alert the neighbors.

I am wishing each of you a wonderfully exciting new year filled with all the things that dreams are made of HAPPY NEW YEAR!

In Love and light, healing and good health, blessings and hugs, gratitude and appreciation,





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