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A Beautiful Adventure in Trinidad Colorado

I love to travel! There is something quite exciting for me when I happen upon an extraordinary place on my adventures. I took a road trip to Colorado and had a fantastic time seeing the sights and getting together with family and friends and my drive is always equally as fun as my actual visit because lets face it; a road trip is always an adventure even when you are on your own.

My drive was plotted by the GPS as a 10 hour drive, however I believe it took me right at 12 hours. I always start out before sunup for this particular trip because I am not one to drive at night so I take off in time to start in slight darkness and then on the road a bit when I finally see the sun peaking over the range.

This trip was at a relatively slow pace as I didn’t want to become uncomfortable as I drove. I stopped many times, in many interesting places and stretched my legs. I always try to take pictures in each place too. This trip I stopped in on Trinidad Colorado. Each time I have driven passed this town I’ve told myself I was going to stop in because there is this large steeple standing up above the quaint town, of which I wanted to photograph. It was mid July and I decided at the last minute to exit the freeway when I laid my eyes on that beautiful church steeple. It was a small town with plenty of charm and tons of history.

I made my way to Main Street and found a parking space just a few blocks from the magnificent steeple. I grabbed my camera and keys and started walking and taking photos of the quaint little town. It was as if I just stepped off of the train into a town of long ago. As I walked along taking pictures I found a memorial set up in the center of town. As it turns out, Trinidad was a mining town for many years and it was also a convenient stop on the Santa Fe Trail. They had a memorial to the coal miners that had lived, worked, and lost their lives in the tunnels and shafts. They also had a memorial to the canaries that the miners would take into the tunnels with them to alert them of danger.

This sweet man stopped me and said, “Hi! did you know that I have many friends and some family on that memorial” so I had to stop and talk with him. The man was a local who was retired from the aerospace engineering industry. He had come back to Trinidad to reconnect with his childhood memories and to live a simple life in Trinidad. He shared short stories of life as a child there and even pointed out a few of the towns people and called them by name letting me know what they were doing out this early morning. Hum, did I happen into the “town gossip”? He was a treasure trove of information. After our brief talk I asked to be excused and got on my way, taking pictures. Although, talking to him was so fun and interesting.

Life in Trinidad was bustling the day that I was there with cars and pedestrians lining the streets shopping and milling about before noon. Once I got back in my car, I looked up the latest census and the current population is at 9000 people. A small town, indeed. I loved the "Most Dangerous Woman in America" sign. "Mary Harris, "Mother Jones" an Irish-American school teacher and dressmaker was propelled to national attention when she became a prominent labor and community organizer. She helped coordinate major strikes and co-founded the Industrial Workers of the World". Check out her story here: and here: Her story is quite interesting and more young women, and men, should know her story.

Here is a link to some of the history surrounding Trinidad

I will say that Trinidad did not disappoint – here are some photographs of Trinidad Colorado.

Many Bright Blessings!

Saundra Berry, C.Ht.

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