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Letting Go, Life, and Laughter

I went to the Y to swim earlier this week, and like always, I put on my swim cap and goggles and head to the pool. I swim for a while and then decide to do some water aerobic exercises, so I put my goggles up to my forehead. When I was finished, I headed to the dressing room. I kept the cap and goggles on while I was getting dressed. I exited the dressing room, into the locker room where I encountered two women, both of which did a double take when they saw me. Puzzled, I decided to just smile. After they exited the locker room, I went on to the mirror to remove the cap and goggles and low and behold, there it was – RACOON WOMEN! The goggles have a black rubber ring around both eyes and apparently decided that day to break down. So, around my eyes and on my forehead were large, dark, black rings. No wonder those ladies did a double take! Alone in the locker room, I broke out in one of the biggest belly laughs I have had in some time, with tears and all! I have to say, I would have laughed out loud even if the locker room was full of people. It was just one of those times where you release all doubt, all fear, and just BE in the moment.

I hope that you won’t be afraid to laugh at yourself…sometimes, many times, that’s all we need to do is just let ourselves go and laugh. Life can often be stressful and overwhelming but we do things everyday that has a potential to make us laugh at ourselves. Sometimes we choose to beat ourselves up or put ourselves down. Today, give yourself permission to stop and laugh…laugh….laugh! It is healing for the mind, body, and soul, and can really shift our energy into a lighter, more playful place. Enjoy the laughter!

Affirmation: Today, I let go and enjoy the laughter.

Love & Laughter,


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