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Healing at the Vortex, A Practical Guide to Balance and Maintain Your Chakras Review by JuneElle

Unity Burbank Center for Spiritual Awareness - May Newsletter

This book, by Saundra Berry, walks readers step by step through guided imagery meditations, affirmations, and questions for balancing each of the seven major chakras. She also shares the associated and supportive colors, crystals, essential oils, musical notes, mantras, elements, planets, areas and glands of the body, senses, life development stage, foods and spices that assist in balancing the chakras.

She was led to these explorations of energy and alternative medicine through many health difficulties of her own. Her wish is to share in this book what she has learned that helped her positively transform not only her physical but her energetic, emotional and mental well-being and balance, which, put together, leads to a more enjoyable and fulfilling life experience.

Through the telling of her health experiences, she reminds that it is very important to be in charge and active in your health care, which also involves daily self care. She describes the pitfalls of taking a backseat and simply taking doctors or other authorities words as law for your health. Collaboration in medicine is key, eastern or western. I think this is great advice because finding doctors and healers that are comfortable and encouraging of your active involvement and input will additionally contribute to your empowerment and responsibility for your body and listening to it, which will contribute to your health. As her father once said, “Just remember, doctors are practicing medicine, and they are practicing on you!” And she adds, if mistakes or incomplete care is given, the patient and the patient alone is the one who deals with the negative effects.

Saundra shares in this book some of the positive healing experiences that have worked for her. Herbal medicine, hypnosis, polarity therapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, crystal therapy, acupuncture , visualizations and more. She also reiterates the importance of the law of attraction in all this, saying, “Act as if you have and are, everything that you desire, and you become a magnet for all of the good that the Universe has to offer.” This accentuates for me the knowledge that the Universe is ultimately a good and loving place, and knowing that we are a part and deserved of all that love and goodness, we can open the channels and opportunities to receive and give in the never ending circle and cycle of life itself that we are eternally part of. Her telling of her experiences in Arizona at the various vortexes was very interesting and definitely has inspired me to put this on my list of things to try. Vortex sights are believed to be areas of beneficial energy, and the little research I did online about this shows that there is little physical evidence on these vortexes, but there are many who say it’s one of those things you just have to experience for yourself.

The bulk of the book is walking through exercises to balance each of the seven major chakras. She explains chakras like this, “Chakras are points of spiritual power, vortexes of energy, that run up and down our spiritual bodies, although they are considered the linking points along the central nervous system, at glands and organs; they cannot be seen by the eye, but they are very powerful, all the same.” In different religions, spiritual philosophies and locations, the energy/life force of our bodies are known by different names, and different techniques have been developed to balance and expand positive energies, protect against negative energies and move them out of our body and spirit or transform them to positive energies. The labeling, studying and development of techniques to balance and expand these positive energies we all have access to began in India around the 6th century BC and was labeled there as “Chakras” (meaning wheels or disks of spinning life-force energy). Saundra includes so many beautiful visualizations and expanding questions to coordinate with each chakra, as well as lots of other things to try to contribute to the balance of each of the chakra energy centers. Awareness and moving of energy is something that is “to be experienced”, and in this book there are many ideas that can contribute to beautiful experiences of your own.

Health is one of the greatest and most beautiful things we can have, and non-health, one of the most difficult and painful. Physical non-health, just as emotional, energetic, or mental non-health, has far reaching effects on every other aspect of our health, our activities and our lives. This book is a reminder to explore more ways to invest time and energy into our health, as health and energy and balance in one area, overflows positively to health in all other areas and in endless myriads of ways. Our bodies, our lives are worth the time.



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