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Speaking Your Truth and the Law of Attraction

I don’t know many people who are truly comfortable with confrontation. Often, confrontation is seen in a negative light but not all confrontation is about confronting some adversary. So often our need to confront someone is about speaking our truth to someone we love and respect, which can make it difficult to say what we have to say because we are so concerned with hurting that person. It isn’t that we want to fight or argue—we simply want to step up and share our feelings on a particular subject with that person. We do not want to be harsh or insensitive—we wish to convey our needs in a loving manner so that it is a win-win for everyone.

We all know people that when we speak our truth tend to overreact or shut down. So how do we confront someone and speak our truth without hurting them?

For me, I like to first sit quietly and close my eyes and ask that I am Divinely guided to speak my truth from the heart. I ask that I be given the words to say that the person most needs to hear and when I’ve done that—I know that I will be able to speak from the heart.

Recently, a friend would call or visit and our only conversation would be about her family drama, each and every detail, all people that I do not know. As she would begin to tell her “story” I began to feel the energy in my solar plexus begin to churn. I would feel my heartbeat rise and I would begin to feel great anxiety. Each time she would leave I would have to sit in silent meditation to release this negative energy, until one day I realized that if I was feeling anxiety hearing it—she must be feeling anxiety telling it. I was reminded about the Law of Attraction and realized that I wanted my friend to have more peace in her life, not more drama. So one day, I was patiently listening and began to feel that anxiety welling up and I reached out and physically touched her and said, “STOP!” I shared with her how much anxiety I was feeling coming from her as she was telling her story. I asked her if she knew that by retelling the story that she was only giving it more energy, more control, in her life. (Law of Attraction) She took a deep breath and said, “You know, you’re right! As I am telling you the story, I realize that it is stirring up more anxiety, as if I am there, reliving the entire ordeal.” We sat silently for a moment and I said, “You know, rather than retelling a story that stirs those uncomfortable feelings and emotions, consider visualizing the situation resolved and that everyone involved is filled with peace and love.” Again, a few moments of silence and then I began to feel the shift in her energy, as well as my own. Even though I was fearful of hurting her, I knew that I could not go on listening to the drama and I realized how important it was to speak my truth in order to practice my own self-care and to help my friend understand that this act of "retelling the story" only brings about more of the same and how a simple shift could change everything for her.

A week later, we were talking and she was sharing a conversation that she had had with someone else, someone that she loved and cared about. She said as she was watching the person as they spoke, she could see that the person was becoming more agitated, until she said to her, “STOP!” She then told the person the very same thing that I had told her however, she added, “All of that has already happened; there is nothing you can do about it now, so you just have to move on and stop talking about it.” She said within minutes the conversation shifted and they were able to talk calmly and without retelling a “story” that clearly caused anxiety in both of them.

So you see, not all confrontation has to be negative and sharing the Law of Attraction with others can spread a long way out into the Universe. If you can take a moment and center yourself, set the intention of love, peace, and harmony, and speak from the heart, you can make a positive difference in someone’s life.

Many Bright Blessings!

Saundra Berry, C.Ht.

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