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Fear, Anxiety, and Hypnotherapy

Many people suffer from performance anxiety. Even thinking about having to give a speech or lead a group, brings up feelings of fear, anxiety or dread. The thought of having to be the center of attention can even be debilitating for people suffering from performance anxiety. Perhaps, it is about a previous performance that didn’t go as well or was not well received, leaving the person with a physical manifestation, like losing their golf swing, or losing their ability to sing or speak with a tightening of the throat, thereby bringing about momentary laryngitis, or breaking out in a cold sweat or being physically ill. One might experience heart palpitations, feel light headed, or have shortness of breath all due to the participatory anxiety of having to be in front of others. Some performance anxiety is rooted in our childhood, perhaps reading in front of the class and we mispronounce a word and the class laughs at us or we can never hit the ball in softball/baseball and we are always picked last. Many deal with the anticipatory anxiety and then once they are in the moment of the performance it goes away and they forget they were ever nervous at all, where others will remain frozen in their fear.

Here are some examples of fears and anxieties that can stop people from living a well-balanced and happy life.

Creative blocks

Test anxiety


Public speaking

Sports performance

Fear of failure

Fear of success

Fear of embarrassment

Fear of alienation

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool to learn to overcome performance anxiety and many other anxiety related issues. A certified hypnotherapist will help you identify your anxiety, give you tools to work with in your day to day life, and give you hypnosis to free you from your anxiety so that you are able to live a happy, successful, and well-balanced life.

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