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Common Needs and Uses of Hypnosis

by Saundra Berry, C.Ht.

In my years of practicing Hypnotherapy, I have worked with professional athletes, actors; singers, musicians, writers, and corporate management personnel, all working toward being more effective at their chosen professions. Hypnosis can assist you in improving your golf swing, help you release creative blocks, release fear of public speaking, and help you be a better manager/supervisor, just to name a few. Read on and find out if you recognize any of the descriptions below. If so, hypnosis might be for you!

Are you a manger or supervisor and have a difficult time communicating with your staff? Hypnotherapy can help you become aware of your own communication style and teach you ways to communicate that can help you understand and communicate with your staff at a level you never thought possible.

Have you been sitting in front of a blank screen/paper struggling to come up with the line on your paper or chapter in your book? Or maybe you are stalled with a song you have been composing. If so, you might be struggling with writer’s block. Hypnotherapy can help you release that block and open you up to a flood of new ideas.

Do you struggle with speaking in front of others? Do you break out in a sweat and feel a knot in your stomach just thinking about giving a speech or participating in an audition? Do you worry that you cannot remember the lines of your script? Hypnotherapy is extremely effective with memorization, organization, and addressing your fears of public speaking.

Are you dealing with a fear of heights and flying? Hypnosis will give you tools and alleviate the issue and you will be flying with ease, in no time, and completey free of fear.

Are you an athlete that feels like you’ve lost your mojo? Perhaps your golf swing is getting increasingly worse and you have tried new clubs, adjusted your swing, etc. with no response or change? The tools of focused concentration that you will learn during Hypnotherapy will change that swing to a winning swing in a matter of a few visits. Whatever your sport, Hypnotherapy can make you more focused and increase your stamina and offer you success in your chosen sport.

A trained Hypnotherapist has many tools in their tool chest to test the suggestibility of the client, because everyone can be hypnotized. However, there are specific questions and techniques that assist the Hypnotherapist to identify how their client takes in information. With the use of the Kappasinian and Ericksonian models of Hypnotherapy-the use of positive suggestion, story telling, and imagery, you will finally be successful at being the best that YOU can be.

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Many Blessings,

Saundra Berry, C.Ht.




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