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Creativity....What Are You Creating?

by Saundra Berry, C.Ht.

I often hear people say that they are not creative. Being creative comes in so many forms. If you are an artist, musician, or writer, you know that creativity often comes in waves and when it comes, we can hardly contain ourselves because we want to jump into action and bring it to life. But, you don’t have to be an artist to create.

We are constantly creating, with our thoughts, in our work, at our home, with our family – creativity is always happening, we just might need a shift in perception to realize we are all creators at our core.

If you are someone that does not view yourself as creative—I invite you to think about ways that you are creating. Are you a student? If so, you are using your creativity as you sit in class, make friends, do your homework, your research. You are creating, when you are preparing a presentation for class. Are you an accountant? You are creating with numbers. You have the unique ability to create spreadsheets, meeting notes, and reports. Are you a truck driver? You are creating as you are driving; you are thinking about the best way to get from point A to point B. You are creating the most efficient way to load and unload your truck. Are you an administrative assistant? You are creating with your ability to multi-task all of the jobs that you have to do each day. Are you a housekeeper? You are creating a clean and organized environment for others. You are creating when you prepare meals, or helping the children with their homework. Are you a stay-at-home, mom or dad? You are creating a warm and loving environment for your family. You are creating when you volunteer to run an event at your children’s school. You are creating with the lovely meals that you offer your family.

You see, it does not matter what you “do”, you are always creating something. Our thoughts are always creating our experience. If you are worrying about something, you are creating more worry. If you are anxious, you are creating more anxiety. If you are fearful, you are creating more fear. How we view things is what is important. When you say, “I’m not creative” you are blocking your natural ability to create. With this in mind, what is that you are creating? If you have something in your life that you are unhappy with—are you thinking about how unhappy you are? Or are you creating a way to be happier? If you are not happy in your relationship? Are you thinking about all of the negatives? Or are you creating new ways to make that relationship better?

So, are you creative? YES! We are always creating and we are all creative, just in our own way. No matter what your way of creating, you are still creative. Affirm with yourself daily that you are creative! Open those lines of creativity to flow and you will be surprised how opportunities begin to open up for you to be more aware of your own creativity.

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