• Sandy Berry

True Friendship

by Saundra Berry, C.Ht.

Usually I write about affirmations and “how to” things, but, today I was moved to write about friendship.

At 52, friendship is such a big part of my life. My friends have seen every inch of my life play out over the last forty plus years, as I have theirs. Friends are the glue that has helped hold me together, most of my life. I am blessed with friendships that actually seem more like family, though we are not related by blood, we are kindred spirits. I am of the belief that we have seen many lifetimes together, and if I’m lucky, more life times to come.

The part that I most admire about my friends is that although we don’t always agree, there is no fighting, or yelling, or hanging up on. No vindictive gestures, no jealously, or “I told you so’s” and most importantly, no judgment. We support one another, even when we don’t agree. No one is trying to convince you that you have to do or believe a certain way—there is a mutual respect and understanding. Each relationship is based on love, trust, and a great appreciation for the individuality of each person.

Like any relationship, friendship is something to behold, it is something that we must nurture and work at and be willing to give even more than we receive. We must give it our all in order to truly experience this thing called friendship, at the deepest level. Friendship can be fleeting, or can last a lifetime—but, for however long, friends will always hold a special place in our hearts. For those that are fleeting, I kind of look at them as earth angels, they come into our life when we most need them, or we enter another’s life when they most need us, and then when we have gone through that stage of our life, each go on with their lives and we do not see them again. I don’t see them as any less significant because those friendships changed us and allowed us an opportunity to be of service to another. No matter if they taught us how to accept help when we were too proud to ask or they helped us learn how to love and trust ourselves, friendships are a true gift from the Universe.

So today, I want to honor those friendships by simply saying, “THANK YOU”. I really do not know what I would have done without you! Each one of you is such a huge part of my day-to-day existence and I am so grateful for and to you. I look forward to many more years together. I love and respect you more than words can say. I wish each of you, love, peace, prosperity, abundance, joy, laughter, happiness, that all your dreams come true, and the knowing that I love you dearly and appreciate your years of friendship, love, and support.

Many Bright Blessings,




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