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Embrace Your Brilliance!

by Saundra Berry, C.Ht.

“When you allow your light to shine, your brilliance is exposed” Saundra Berry ©2013

I often hear, “I don’t have anything to offer.” I believe that everyone has something to offer. We are all such unique individuals, with amazing gifts to offer others. You are the one and only you! You were born to shine and your gifts are needed, otherwise, you would not be here. You are an important part of the awakening and the Universe needs you.

It is important to remember that you are the best at being you. There is no one that is exactly like you. Sure, we have common interests, and common goals, but, what each of us can offer is unique. Your life, your challenges, your accomplishments, and your talents, are yours and yours alone.

I believe when you let your light shine, your own brilliance IS exposed. When you can let go of labels, of what someone else THINKS, you should be, or even, just accepting that you are a GIFT and you are here to do great things, you give yourself permission to shine. When we are able to release our own inner critic, and move beyond the fears of what others might think, we shine!

Here are some affirmations for you to concentrate on as you learn to let your light shine! Pick one affirmation for the day and memorize it! Then write it in the morning, when you rise, and again, just before falling to sleep. Continue to do the affirmations and then begin to write your own. This process will help you shift your vibration into a place of allowing. To be in the place of allowing, you are open to receive. Be open, be willing to allow your best life to manifest so that you are living your dreams, standing in your truth, and most of all, allowing your inner light to shine!


I believe in myself and the gifts that I have to offer.

I am full of wonderfully, creative, ideas.

I embrace my life with an open heart.

I allow others to own their own negativity, and embrace the knowing that I am happy, healthy, and whole.

My life is fulfilling and I enjoy being of service to others.

I easily speak my truth in order to live my best life.

I acknowledge my gifts, and talents, as unique and needed in the Universe.

Many Bright Blessings!





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