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Care Givers-Earth Angels

Care givers - Earth Angels

by Saundra Berry, C.Ht.

There are many Earth Angels out there that are being selfless and helping others that are less fortunate. They have taken on the task of caring for a sick family member or friend that are facing health challenges and can no longer care for themselves.

It can be overwhelming, caring for someone who can no longer take care of themselves. When someone is unable to care for their own needs, such as eating, bathing, walking, and the list goes on and on, the caregiver is inundated with task after task, and their days and nights become solely about taking care of others. Sometimes, it seems, there is no one else that can step up and help us so we feel as though we don’t have a choice or any time to take care of our own needs, often saying, “I will do this, all of this, for now and my time will come.”

I have many friends and family members that are doing just this and I believe, they are acting from a place of great love, compassion, and grace. They spend endless hours taking care of the needs of others yet, they do not remember to take time for themselves.

I know that there are many that not only care for a sick loved one but have families of their own. So at times, their burden can seem unending and often have feelings that they are not appreciated. Not only are they taking care of a sick loved one, they are taking their children to school, helping with school projects; caring for their spouse, pets, home, again, the list goes on and on. This is why I call them Earth Angels. To you, Earth Angels, I commend you and have great respect for you and the choices that you have made and for your selfless acts.

Earth Angels, it is so important to remember to take time for your own self-care, everyday. Perhaps this means that you need to take time to sit in silent meditation, taking a long walk or drive, calling a friend, a long hot bath, or having a massage. Maybe it is about seeking out help for even one hour a day where you can focus on yourself.

For those that are caregivers, you may feel as though it is selfish to consider yourself. Know that it is not selfish to consider your own needs. It is an act of loving and caring for your own body, mind, and spirit. Someone once told me, “if you don’t take time for yourself, you will get down or sick your self and then you’ll be no help to anyone.” This statement is true of those that always put others and the needs of others first.

When we are overwhelmed and stressed it is important to eat more healthfully, get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water, and exercise daily, if only for a few minutes. Taking a walk, no matter how brief, can assist you in clearing your mind of needless and unwanted chatter and will help us in our need for daily exercise. A walk will help you become more grounded. Remember that when we exercise those “feel good” hormones are released into your system and you will feel better. When you do these few things, you will increase your bodies’ natural healing abilities, stamina, and release stress in healthy ways. Your energy will be more balanced which in turn allows you to feel better in every way.

Trust that the angels are always with you and that you are supported always. The angels and guides that watch over you and those that you are caring for, want you to call upon them in times of need. They offer unconditional love and acceptance and most of all, they are always there when you feel that you are most alone.

If you are a caregiver and you have been neglecting yourself know that you are loved and appreciated. You are truly angels here on earth. You are never alone. Take time everyday to see to it that your needs are being met, that you are eating healthfully, sharing in laughter and fun, and calling on assistance when you need it. Even an hour a day of self-care can change things for the better.

Earth Angel, know that you are a selfless and loving soul and that the universe is supporting you and that even if the person you are caring for is unable to speak or express their gratitude—in their soul they know and THEY THANK YOU for your TIRELESS work and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! THANK YOU!

Earth Angel, please remember, take time for yourself everyday!

Many Blessings,

Saundra Berry, C.Ht.



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