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How To Do Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization is an ability to close your eyes and allow images to form in your minds eye. Visualization is about the language of pictures, not words, within the mind. For instance, when I describe a bright yellow, juicy, sour lemon, can you begin to see an image of that lemon in your minds eye? For those who answered “no”, my next question is can you pretend or imagine? If you still aren’t sure, I invite you to remember when you were a child and you would pretend; Perhaps playing house or cowboys/cowgirls, riding your imaginary stick horse down the sidewalk? If you still aren’t sure, watch children as they play. They have pretend tea parties and carry on conversations with empty chairs or they play with imaginary friends, all the while perfectly content. Children have not been tainted yet by the judgment of society; they are truly connected to Source Energy. At the soul level, children understand their own power and ability, it is only when they are taught otherwise that they forget about being connected to Source Energy, and they begin to search outside themselves for approval.

I have not seen a better description of Source Energy than from the Teachings of Abraham:

Source energy flows through everything. Source energy is the physical and non-physical. Non-physical source energy is the eternal consciousness. Everything is made of source energy. But we are all different forms of source energy as humans, animals, or things. As humans, we are able to focus on what we want and be aware of our feelings and thoughts. We have a conscious will that we can direct to the source energy that flows to us. We can allow it or resist it in varying degrees. But other things may not be able to do that. Source energy is the conscious energy that creates what we want in the non-physical and we allow that in the physical through our alignment with source. Source energy is conscious enough to focus, create, and attract. We are fortunate enough to be able to consciously apply our will to direct source energy and attract what we want.”

Creative visualization is simply closing your eyes and allowing images to form of something you would like to work on, change or manifest in your life. It’s like closing your eyes and you see a movie playing in your minds eye. Just let yourself be child like and dream about your future. Like, people who imagined their wedding day, down to the last detail, all their life, they are practicing creative visualization. JUST LET YOURSELF GO PLAY AND HAVE FUN WITH IT!

Let’s say that you are working in a job that you dislike. What is it about the job that you dislike? Is it the work? Is it the people? Is it the location? Is it the hours? Is it your attitude toward the job? Is it the amount of money that you are getting/not getting? It is important to get a clear understanding of your situation before you begin your visualization; I have found doing it this way is more powerful. I like to write things down in a journal when I am beginning to work on something new. It allows me to be very clear and concise about what I want to bring into my life. You don’t need to worry about the details, only focus on bringing in your dream job. If in my questions and answers, I find that it is me that needs an attitude adjustment, I would visualize myself, waking up in the morning, excited about my day. I not only see it, but I feel it. For this, you just use your imagination; what would it “feel” like if you were to adjust your attitude toward the job? Pretend until you actually lose yourself in the visualization and drop judgment. I would continue to visualize myself, enjoying the work that I do, seeing myself happy, fulfilled, financially abundant, and enjoying the people that I work with. I would see myself more positive in my thoughts, actions, and words. Build the best version of yourself that you can allow your mind to imagine. It is as simple as that! Continue to do this each night before falling to sleep and before long, you will begin to see and feel the shift in your life.

What if you are unemployed and are looking for a job? Just before falling asleep, begin to visualize or imagine that you are happy, and healthy, enjoying your new job. It is the exact job that you want. Not only see it, you have to feel it. What would it feel like to have your dream job? Imagine that you are financially stable and enjoy those that you work with and the environment is perfect for your personality. You feel a sense of being secure and know that you are doing work that speaks to your soul. Allow the visualization to grow and grow, until you are the best version of yourself, in the ideal job. Do this each night before you fall asleep and you will feel the shift and before long.

If you are single and wanting a relationship whether it be a friendship or romantic; write down all of the qualities that you want in the person. Do not focus on physical attributes but on the character and integrity of the person. Keep the face out of the visualization, just see a faceless image. Visualize that you have a lot in common, spend wonderful times together. Allow yourself to really “feel” what it would feel like to be in the ideal relationship. This allows you to attract a more positive and loving relationship, with someone that you have things in common and that you are completely comfortable with when you are with them. Notice that it feels like you have known them forever. Allow the images to grow and flow until you have the image clear within your mind. Continue to do your visualization each night before you fall asleep and you will begin to be more open to receive that relationship that you wish to have.

The bottom line is about believing in yourself and your ability and power to create and manifest what you want in your life. Your ability to be connected with your Source Energy and through the practice of Creative Visualization you can bring your perfect life into fruition. Each night, add more and more to your visualization until you see things clearly. You must give yourself completely to the visualization process and trust that the Law of Attraction is at work and the Universe is already working to bring you what you have placed your attention and focus on to while visualizing before you fall off to sleep. Have faith that everything is working out in its right and perfect time.

Many Blessings,

Saundra Berry, C.Ht.



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