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Rise Above Resentment

by Saundra Berry, C.Ht.

I let go of resentments that keep me away from my highest and greatest good.

We are all guilty of holding on to past resentments. But, those resentments hurt no one but us. The person, place, or thing that we hold the resentment for--does not hold the frustration and anger that we are holding for them, we do. We are truly the only one suffering. So, in essence we harm no one but ourselves holding onto to resentments. When we let go of them we are allowing ourselves to be set free.

Forgiving is a gift for you; it allows you to let go of anger, resentment, and fear, not. If we have been harmed by another, if we have been used or betrayed—we might not ask that person to be present in our lives, but, when we forgive, we allow ourselves permission to move on, to move forward, letting go of the past, totally and completely. It is as simple as cutting a cord. You cut the cord, and the connection is forever gone. To cut the cord, we can do a ceremony, where we sit quietly, close our eyes, and see that person, place, or thing in our minds eye. As we see them in front of us, we say our peace, we send them a beam of love and light as we forgive them and then we cut the cord, stating that we are leaving the past behind so that we can have our most joyful and fulfilling life, the life we deserve.

The next step is about forgiving ourselves for holding on to the resentments of the past. Perhaps you have been hanging on to something for many years. You might even ask, “If I let go of this resentment, who will I become?” Who you will become is the best and highest version of yourself as you let go of resentments. Just as the Earth is always turning, we are always changing. We deserve to have and live our best life possible—it serves no one to hold on to resentments. Resentments are toxic to our system; they can cause physical dis-ease, which will harm no one but us or our family. We must rise above the indiscretion and know that we are being blessed. When we release our anger and resentment, we send ourselves love and light and we move on. It serves no one to constantly look in the rear-view mirror; we must enjoy each moment and to do that, to truly do that—at the deepest level, we MUST let go of the past.

Now, it is time to forgive your self. Sitting in front of a mirror, look deep into the eyes of your reflection, say, “I know that you hung on to the resentment for so long because you were trying to protect our heart. Wanting to protect us from anymore hurt or pain we hung on; but now, you are taking your power back and you are forgiving yourself for holding on so long because you know at the deepest level and accept that in order to have your best life right here, right now, at this very moment, we must be forgiven.” Looking deep into your reflection, say, “I AM GRATEFUL FOR THIS LESSON THAT I HAVE NOW LEARNED, AND I FORGIVE YOU, I AM FORGIVEN.”

I wish you, love and light as you take this journey to free yourself from the ties that bind.


Today, I allow myself to see the resentments of other people; places and things float away in the winds of my mind out into the universe where they can no longer harm me or anyone else. Saundra Berry© 2008



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