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INTUITION - Does Everyone Have It?

Intuition is that gut feeling that you get when something just doesn't feel right. It's when the phone rings and you already know who is calling. Perhaps, a split second decision to go a different route home, to find out you missed a traffic accident.

Most of us have heard, “Oh that’s just women’s intuition,” right? Well, intution is not just for women, thank goodness! I know plenty of men that have developed their own intuitive knowing, although, I know only a handful of men that actually call it “intuition”. Most men and some women, describe it as a “gut-feeling”. Call it what you will, we all have it and can develop it more fully in order to assist us in our day to day lives. Just think if more people were tapped in to their intuition? Perhaps, a life less stressful? I'm sure of it!

Intuition is not ego based and it operates beyond space and time. Intuition does not operate within the principals of logic and reasoning. If we use our cognitive thinking to measure intution, it makes no sense. This is why we must all have a level of faith in our own inner wisdom, our own ego-free wisdom.

We can begin to train ourselves to be present and open to recieve the messages from our own inner wisdom, our intution. Remember, it is not about emotion or ego, it just simply is. Once we begin to analyze the information we are getting intuitively--that is when the ego has stepped in.

We know that our left-brain is where we have our logic, reasoning, intellect, and time oriented tasks. It is in the right-brain where we have our creativity, imagination, feelings and intuition. This fact, does not mean that only right brained people can access their intution. Our intuition is like a muscle, it has to be developed. Intuition develops over time and like our muscles, intuitive awareness needs to be exercised, stretched and utilized daily to become strong. It is not an all or nothing kind of thing. There are varying degrees of this awareness and the degrees are triggered by time, place, mood and experience.

We each have different levels of awareness and by looking at these four aspects of intuition we can become more attune to what we are experiencing for ourselves.

  1. Physical – feeling a bodily sensation associated when having an intuitive hit.

  2. Emotional – have emotions about someone or some situation.

  3. Mental – visual images and ideas.

  4. Spiritual – a mystical experience.

Three Steps in Fine Tuning Intution

There are three basic steps to getting an intuitive thought:

1) Getting quiet - sounds easy, but is not as easy as it sounds, for some. Often when we set out to just unwind, thoughts of the day begin to flow through our minds; a decompression of sorts. Then we think of what we are going to cook for dinner, what am I doing next Tuesday, and the list goes on and on. So, it is important to remember when you are beginning this process--allow yourself time for the decompression of the day. The best way that I have found to do this is NOT try to simply STOP thought. Instead, allowing the thoughts to come in BUT you don’t fixate on any one thought. Let’s face it, it’s going to be there later! So, for now, try this exercise.

Close your eyes and begin to see each thought as a wave in the ocean. They roll in on the tide and then we let them roll right back out. Each thought, in and out. We continue this process until the mind is quiet and we feel calm. We begin to visualize or feel the peace of the waves and thoughts seem to take a back seat to this calm and comfortable space. It does take practice, but, so worth learning that little trick. (Would also be useful when becoming overwhelmed with too much information).

2) Become focused - meaning, focus your attention on your breath, not thought, and then your calm mind and then, just listen, be still, and pay attention to anything that might come to you. Remember, don't anaylze the information, just allow it to flow, just like the peaceful waves of the ocean.

3) Be in a place of non-judgment – let go of the ego, let go of what you would like the outcome to be, let go of your feelings. Be silent, focus, and allow the messages to come without force, without judgments.

So, if you find yourself stuck in indecision or questioning your life, you can make a positive move forward by setting your intention to become more aware of your own intution.

One way to focus your intention would be to start watching and noticing those, “Intuitive hits”. I started by keeping a journal. I wrote down the “hits” and then as things developed, I would write the outcome of that hit. Sometimes I was right on the money, others, not so much. What I began to notice, especially if I had some sort of emotional attachment to a particular hit, I would start getting my emotions involved which then leads to analyzing the data and that is SO not the point of an intuitive hit. Therefore when this happens, know that it is just a normal process. Honestly, that happens more often than not, until you learn to detach from the ego and from judgment altogether.

In conclusion, as you practice, you will become in tune with your intuition and you will begin to notice that it is always with you, always guiding you, like a dear old friend, who would never steer you wrong. Embrace this inner knowing and give yourself permission to be the light for others; Don’t be afraid to let your own light shine because YOU are BEAUTIFUL!

Many Bright Blessings!

Saundra Berry, C.Ht.

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