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Color, A Language of the Angels

by Saundra Berry, C.Ht.

“There are colors for every angel. Color is something we see only in certain dimensions, but hues exist on the spiritual plane much finer than the colors we experience. When we let color speak to us in its true celestial language, we begin to communicate with angelic beings”. K.Martin-Kuri

In the world of metaphysics, colors have meanings. For instance, when we look at the chakra system we find that each chakra is represented by a color. We know that color has meaning in physics and to scientists because of the way in which color is actually seen. By using a prism we know that when light is shone through a clear glass, plastic or crystal, the white light enters the prism at an angle and because of the different frequencies, the light is bent (refracted) and the light is then separated into colors. In some circles, each day of the week has a certain color in which it is associated because each day is ruled by a particular planet and coincides with a color. Color can assist us in things from changing our mood to stimulating creativity. Some say that the angels operate in the world of light and color; here are few colors that might assist us in understanding the communication with the angels.

Black – Clergy, Authority, Mystery

Blue – Archangel MichaelAcknowledging we are not separate from the Divine. Absorbs the light, Sensitivity, Truth, Pride, Adoration, Dedication

Brown – Earth, Rich, Nature

Green – Nature, Spiritual Healing, Physical Healing, Nurture, Freedom from the past, Calming, Learning, Go

Gold – Archangel Raphael – Rejuvenation of Truth. Archeia (the female counterpart of Archangels) Archeia Mary holds the gifts of compassion, protection, and grace. It is her gift to bring in what serves your highest good and Archangel Raphael will direct the healing and transform that which does not serve you. Sun, God as Light, Glory, Radiance

Indigo – Archangel Jophiel- Serves the flow of divine energy, and wisdom. Deep Connection with Spirit, Free Spirit, Rare, Abstract, Absolute

Iridescent – Other-worldly, Altered States, Imagination, Dreams, Ethereal

Orange – Energy, Activity, Fire, Butterfly, Enduring Energy, Confidence, Ambition

Pink – Archangel Chamuel - Dissolves the illusion of separateness from the divine. Love, Affection, Enjoyment

Purple/ Violet - Archangel Zadkiel - Compassion, Forgiveness, Freedom. Blessings of Love, Power of Forgiveness Unfailing protection, guidance, and comfort. – Spiritual Integrity, Inner Royalty, Justice, Fortune, Noble, Majestic, Self Esteem, Spiritual Awareness

Red – Gives Back Light, Fire, Blood, Birth, War, Passion, Raw Energy, Intense.

Ruby - Archangel Uriel - Peace, Devotion, Enlightenment of divine wisdom within your mind, heart, and soul. Powerful transformation, forgiveness and tranquility. Releases divine gifts of healing, and wisdom through angel colors. All discord will be transformed into peace.

Silver – Moon, Reflection, Reduces Inner Fear

Yellow – Intellect, Faith, Manifestation, Mind, Mental, Energy, Joy, Success, Creativity

White – Archangel Gabriel – Divine perfection, purity, and hope. Ascension. The Highest Vibration, The combination of all color, Purity, Transcendence, Innocence, Sacred, Positive Thinking

When the angels are communicating with you; you might notice that certain colors will seem to show up again and again throughout your day or in your dreams. Pay attention to the color(s) and to how you are feeling at all levels, body, mind, and spirit and see what messages the angels are trying to share with you.

Many Blessings,

Saundra Berry, C.Ht.




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