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Brief History of Ear Candling

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History of Ear Candling with Information provided by:

Ear Candling is a traditional therapy used by the Aztec, Mayans and Hopi Indians, learning preventative measures that keep the body strong and in alignment. They are now used the world over by doctors, homeopaths and many other health professionals. The candles can be benefit to anybody of any age. Children with recurring ear infection or sore throats, adults with migraines, glue ear, tinnitus, emotional stress, sinus, or hearing problems, may find candling eases their symptoms. The treatment itself is very relaxing, resulting in a calm and pleasant feeling. It is a simple and safe method of clearing the ear canal of old wax, toxins, yeast, parasites, fungus and infections. It can help de-stress the body and mind and so clear thoughts and improve concentration.

The healing smoke has been used for centuries to ease earaches, remove earwax, and "fumigate" possible fungal, yeast, and bacterial growths inside the ears. According to ancient legend, Ear Candling could bring one into closer communion with the Creator!

Experience the soothing benefits to non-invasively clear the ears of debris and help relieve sinus congestion. The gentle vacuum draws out debris, depositing it in the cone. No heat is felt in the ear during each coning. A soothing yet powerful experience.

An ancient process which has been lost to us in modern civilizations. It was used in initiation ceremonies by the Egyptians, Mayans and Tibetans with profound results. It is still used in Europe and is gaining popularity in the US to aid in sinus and ear problems. The simple process also cleanses the lymphatic system. Ear candling or ear coning may provide the following benefits:

Detoxification of sinus and lymph system

Acts as a catalyst to clear out debris from nerve endings allowing for clear vibrational flow

Sharpening of mental functioning, vision, hearing, smell, taste and color perception

Spiritual opening and emotional clearing

Realignment and cleansing of subtle energy flows

Auric cleansing

Facilitates other body work

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