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Working with Common Crystals and Stones

by Saundra Berry, C.Ht.

If you are new to crystals and stones, the following is a list of common crystals and stones that are readily available in most metaphysical stores, craft stores and gemstone stores. By working with crystals and stones, you can amplify your energetic vibration and raise your consciousness. You can either carry the stones with you or put them around your home or office to raise the vibration, clear negative energy, and open up your mind, body, and spirit, for healing at every level. I work with stones and crystals often, I have them sitting around in every room and around the outside of my home. If I am working in a large group, I always wear a Black Onyx for protection and grounding. If I am trying to let go of negative energy and uplift my spirit, I carry an Amethyst with me. When I am meditating, I use Rose and Clear Quartz to bring the gentle energy of love and compassion, along with grounding and Amethyst for protection. When I am making room and body sprays, I always add crystals to the mix because they amplify the vibration of the spray.

Here are some common stones/crystals and their uses:

Amethyst – Divine Connection, Purification, Protection

Apache Tears – Grounding, Emotional Cleansing, Protection

Bloodstone – Courage, Purification, Strength

Chrysocolla – Communication

Citrine – Clarity, Creativity

Emerald – Abundance, Compassion, Healing, Love

Hematite – Grounding

Jade, Green – Abundance, Health

Jasper – Strength, Vitality

Lapis Lazuli – Communication, Inner Vision, Truth

Malachite – Creativity, Confidence, Protection

Moonstone – Insight, Intuition, Self-Discovery

Obsidian – Grounding, Cleansing Negative, Psychic Protection

Onyx – Inner Strength, Protection, Willpower

Pyrite – Action, Confidence, Creativity, Vitality, Willpower

Quartz, Clear – Clearing, Cleansing, Healing, Amplify Intentions, Memory Enhancement

Rose Quartz – Emotional Healing, Love, Stress Relief

Ruby – Courage, Passion, Protection

Selenite – Communication with Higher Self, Angels, Spirit Guides, Spiritual Activation

Smokey Quartz – Grounding, Dispel Negative Energy

Tiger Eye – Balance, Fairness, Strength

Turquoise – Communication, Wholeness

If you have not worked with stones or crystals, you can easily incorporate them into your day to day life. If you are unsure which stones or crystals are best for you, I recommend going to a store where they have loose crystals and stones and run your hands over the top of the stones and see which one seems to call to you. Often our soul will guide us to the stone or crystal that is most needed. If you are still not sure, I suggest either an Amethyst or Clear Quartz crystal to get you started, as they are both very powerful and useful stones. This list is just a few of the thousands of stones and crystals that are here on our earth. The mineral kingdom is always here to support us in our healing and to learn and grow.

Many Blessings,

Saundra Berry, C.Ht.

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