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Are You Grounded?

Are You Grounded Deep Within the Earth?

By Saundra Berry, C.Ht.

Have you ever experienced a time when you were at a party or an event, surrounded by people, and you feel yourself being detached from the entire situation and in the next moment you feel as though you had floated out of your body and are floating above the party or event? I have had this experience more than once. During those moments, while floating there in the ether, I see myself standing below with the others at the event. As I saw myself there, I was so confused how I could be in two places at once. I shared my experience with a couple of close friends and no one had really had that experience. So, later that night, I asked out loud, “How exactly could I have been floating out of my body while I was wide awake”?

The first time this happened I decided to meditate on the situation. I was sitting quietly when a thought came into my mind from my guides that were loud and clear! “You WERE out of your body because you were not grounded”. Hum…could it be that simple, I thought. So, I asked, “What does that mean?” I heard, “you were overwhelmed, overloaded, and you weren’t taking time for yourself and that is what happens when you ignore your call to be present.” To be present; I was overloaded with work and overwhelmed in a relationship and I was not present…I was everything, but, present. As I sat, the peace and calm began to wash over me and I began to think about a tree. It is strong and sturdy, its roots grown deep into the earth. A tree can withstand, rain, snow, wind, scorching heat, and still, it stands strong and sturdy, swaying with the wind, soaking up the rain, using the moisture from the snow to feed the roots even more deeply. So, I began to see myself, standing on the earth, bare feet, arms outstretched, head held high and began to envision that roots were growing out of the soles of my feet and growing deep within the earth. I imagined that the deeper my roots were growing, the more grounded that I became. A feeling of deep gratitude came over me and I began to feel the calm sense of well-being at every point of my body and was able to completely let go, I was in the moment, finally; Grounded, centered, and focused! I thanked my guides for their work and love and as I came out of the meditation that feeling of being grounded was front and center; I felt it in my mind, body, and spirit. Since that awakening, I have used that visual with my clients and continue to use it for myself, when I’m feeling a bit off.

The photograph above was taken in Sedona, at Angel Valley. This sturdy beauty stands just at the waters’ edge and the roots are all over the ground, some even leading into the water. The moment I saw the tree and her beautiful roots, I snapped a picture and then sat my camera down, took off my shoes and wrapped my arms around her. I stood there for many minutes with my eyes closed, feeling the powerful energy of this Grand Mother Tree, and I was reminded of that day with my guides and the beautiful gift they gave me. The tree almost seemed like my “sign”, my “reminder” to take care of myself, to stay grounded, centered, and focused and everything will be as it should be.

So, if you have had an out of body experience, while wide awake, or have ever experienced that feeling that you are just a little off-consider that you may be ignoring your call “to be present” in your own life. Consider taking a moment to just sit quietly and meditate. See yourself as the Grand Mother Tree and allow your roots to grow deep into the earth, stabilizing you, grounding you, as that calm sense of well-being washes over you and you are reminded of your power, strength, and courage; Know that you are part of this living, breathing Earth, and know that you are loved and appreciated for the work that you do on this Earth to make it a better place, sharing of yourself and your unique gifts to those that are being led to you. Know that you are always supported.

Many Blessings,

Saundra Berry, C.Ht.

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