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How Our Thoughts and Words Affect Our Body

I am a big believer that our thoughts and words create our reality. I mean how often have you said, “________ (insert irritant here) is a real pain in the neck, and then the next day you wake up with a pain in your neck?” Usually we tell ourselves that we must have slept on it wrong, or we need a new pillow. But, could it be that you created the body response with your thoughts or words? No one wants to think it is that easy however, it could be the case.

Dr. John Kappas, Founder of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, offered a very interesting model, called Body Syndromes, which outlines how unresolved issues either past or present can manifest in our body.

Crying Syndrome – The name sounds dreadful, doesn’t it? This syndrome manifests from our solar plexus upward through the back of the neck. It appears due to not being able to make a difficult decision, especially if the decision is based on what someone else is doing, or due to past conditioning.

Responsibility Syndrome – It just sounds heavy. This syndrome manifests in the body through the shoulders and upper spine. This is where one carries the weight of the responsibilities of their lives, or too much responsibility. “Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders” is the theme here. If one is dodging responsibility and not facing it head on it could be they are experiencing this Body Syndrome.

Sexual Frustration or Guilt Syndrome – Manifestation occurs in the stomach, groin, and lower back. Connected to sexual guilt and frustration due to either religion based beliefs, feelings of sexual inadequacy or guilt of infidelity.

Fight or Reaching Syndrome: The areas affected are the hands, arms, and fingers. This is associated with a deep seeded fear of rejection, reaching for unattainable goals and self expression associated with lack of self worth.

Flight Syndrome: The areas affected are those from the thighs to the feet. Manifesting as a need to escape or run away from an emotional or physical situation that may be perceived as painful, due to fear of disaster, fear of success, or boredom.

A person may be affected by one or many of the syndromes at one time.

Case in point, recently I was talking with a friend when she shared how frustrating her job has been and she does not feel that she can hang in there much longer. She has tried many different techniques in order to cope with the turmoil and low pay at her job, to no avail. At this point, she is contemplating selling her home and relocating, a very difficult decision for anyone to make. Knowing her for more than thirty years and we have worked together more than once, she is meticulous and driven to do the very best job that she can do—working many long hours to see the job through, an asset to any company. She has great communication skills, but, we all know, it doesn’t matter how well we communicate if our superiors or co-workers cannot be approached without retaliation.

So, I began to think about the Body Syndromes that Dr. Kappas presented. I realized she is experiencing many of the symptoms associated with the Body Syndromes. She is having a difficult time making this life-changing decision, whether to leave or to stay. The Responsibility Syndrome associated with lack of funds and feeling weighted down with all of the responsibility of this huge decision. Lastly, she is experiencing the symptoms of the Flight Syndrome due to wanting to flee the situation for fear of the disaster of being unemployed in these times of an unstable economy.

Dr. Kappas said that in some, simply by bringing the information to light that we are able to “reset” so to speak and begin to move in the direction of dealing and healing with our situation. So, if you have been going through a difficult situation, past or present and you are carrying around unresolved emotions, it is a possibility that you are encountering a Body Syndrome. I am not a medical doctor and this writing is in no way suggesting that you not seek medical attention for any dis-ease. It is always better to be safe than sorry. However, if you have ruled out a true medical issue and you are stuck and experiencing the symptoms of a Body Syndrome, Hypnotherapy may be an avenue for you to explore.

Many Bright Blessings!

Saundra Berry, C.Ht.

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