“You don’t take a photograph, you make it” Ansel Adams

I got my first camera at 10 years old.  It was 110 film cartridge, nothing fancy, but I loved it.  My parents had a 35mm film camera and I was allowed to use it, if I read the user manual and learned the camera.  So, I got to work reading that book, and soon I was able to take pictures with that camera.  No auto focus, no digital, just plain old fashioned film and settings.   What I didn't know at the time, was that my parents were used to the point and shoot type cameras and they had bought the camera not really knowing exactly how to use it, and my reading the instructions were so I could explain how to use the camera to them.  I didn't mind really, because in the end, I fell in love with taking pictures.  I took my first photography class in 1977 where I learned to love working in the darkroom, processing and printing my own film.  I have continued to take classes over the last 40 years to grow and become more proficient in the digital age.   In recent years, I have dedicated more time to editing and it has become something that I love as much as I love taking pictures.  Because I am also an artist, editing has been amazing to use on my canvas paintings which allows me to make even more art!  

(All Photography is available for purchase.  Please send us an email with Photography Inquiry and the No. of the print you would like to purchase.   Thank you)

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Photography Print Pricing:

   4x6 Print w/5x7 Mat.........

   5x7 Print w/8x10 Mat........

   8x10 Print w/11x14 Mat.....





2 or More Prints:




$13 Each

$18 Each

$21 Each

Print~Set Pricing:

2-4x6 & 1-5x7 Set.....

1-8x10 & 2 5x7 Set....






 Discounts for multiple prints, mix and match available.

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