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"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."-- Thomas Merton 


Art is wonderful means of self-expression and it doesn't matter if you are technically trained or if you just love art.  Creating anything, allows our mind an opportunity to just be in the moment.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Every artist was first an amateur."   And this one by Henri Matisse, "Creativity takes courage."  Both 100% true!  


"We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents."  Bob Ross

When it comes to my art, I find that it is my meditation, my medicine, and my healing.  I am a Creatrix!   From drawing to painting, clay to jewelry, taking and editing pictures, writing to playing instruments; I love to get lost in the art of creating.  

When I say it is my “meditation, medicine, and healing,” it’s because it is in those moments that I am completely able to escape all space and time, and just lose myself in the moment.  I silence my phone, turn on some music, and hours go by, yet to me it feels like a few short minutes.  It’s a journey within to create anything, for me. I can just let go, and it’s like stepping into a different world. 

If you find a piece of art that speaks to you, please reach out.  If the original has been sold, unless it is a commission, there will be prints available in multiple sizes.  Most prints will be matted and ready to frame.  Each piece is numbered and titled to make buying easier.  Prices for each canvas is located in the description.  (Prices do not include framing, canvas is ready to hang.  If you would like your canvas framed--please send me an email so we can honor your request.)

All Art is available for purchase.   Please send us an email with "Art Purchase" and the name and number of the

piece that you are inquiring about in the Subject Line of your email.  -Thank you) 

*Venmo/PayPal Only

Art Print Pricing:

   4x6 Print w/5x7 Mat.........

   5x7 Print w/8x10 Mat........

   8x10 Print w/11x14 Mat.....





2 or More Prints:




$13 Each

$18 Each

$21 Each

Print~Set Pricing:

2-4x6 & 1-5x7 Set.....

1-8x10 & 2 5x7 Set....






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