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As an intuitive artist, it’s important to me that every owner of one of these pieces, get an item that they truly love, one that they are happy to wear, and one that helps them in their day to day life.  Gemstones and crystals are made up of the dynamic energy of the earth.  In the mineral world, we know that each stone has a vibration, and when worn, that energy and vibration is transferred to the person wearing the stones.  In fact, even when I am making the bracelets, I can feel the energy of the stones, which is an added bonus for me.  Each stone has a color and those colors also have a metaphysical significance.  These colors represent each of our chakras, which is our internal energy system.  When we wear gemstones and colors that correspond to our chakras, we are aligning ourselves with the energy, and that helps us keep them clear and aligned.  And when we keep our chakras in balance, we tend to feel better overall. 

I hope you enjoy wearing the bracelet as much as I enjoyed making it. 

In Gratitude, SK Berry * JewelryArt With Purpose™    

Each bracelet comes with a description sheet that correspond to the stones, colors, and chakras, of your bracelet.   

Stretch bracelets, most are one size fits all - the length is listed in description. 

Launch Pricing:  $13 for one, $11 each for 2 or more. 

Email with name and number of the piece you are interested in please!

Pricing does not include shipping costs.

Commissions Welcome!

*Venmo and Paypal Only

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