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A life coach is someone who works with their client in the areas of self understanding, stress and time management, identifying strengths and weaknesses, organization, boost motivation, problem solving, personal development, and life strategies.  ​A good life coach has the ability to ask thought provoking questions and offer workable solutions.  They have years of life experience in motivating others and they work to assist their clients in identifying things that need to be changed or enhanced to further their success in life.




Have you been stuck in a dead-end job or relationship?

Do you wish that you were more motivated to make changes?

Do you have difficulty defining and reaching your goals?

Do you find yourself starting a project and not seeing it through?

Are you ready to shift, heal and transform your life?


PATH2CHANGE LIFE COACHING will help you recognize your strengths

and assist you in making an ACTION PLAN that will



Sessions include:

Initial Interview

Action Plan

Weekly Telephone Consultation







Life Coaching is available via telephone or in person, please call for interview and pricing 




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