Healer, Teacher, Author of “Healing at the Vortex,” Artist, and Sole Proprietor of Path2Change.com, Saundra (Sandy) Berry has over 30 years’ experience working in the Healing Arts, and is dedicated to teaching others how to shift, heal, and transform their lives.  Along with using a wide range of healing modalities, Sandy uses her intuitive ability to assist in determining which healing modality is best suited for each individual client because healing and transformation is not one-size fits all.  


Sandy offers Workshops & Classes in  Remote Healing, Developing Your Intuition, Chakra Basics, The Law of Attraction, Meditation Made Easy, Affirmations of Change and Transformation, Designing and Maintaining Your Vision Board, Meet Your Inner Child, Essential Oils and Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Understanding Fibromyalgia, Women and Divorce, How to Sell More and Make More Money, Living in Gratitude, Visualization to Manifestation, Practical Uses for Reiki.

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