SK (Sandy) Berry has over thirty years of experience working in the healing arts. Artist, healer, teacher, author of “Healing at the Vortex, A Practical Guide to Balance and Maintain Your Chakras,” Sandy appreciates connecting with people at a deeper level.   “It’s in the listening, the questions that you ask, the answers, the moments one-on-one, that ultimately lead us to the profound conversations and the deeper work.  I love getting to know people beyond talking about the weather.  Small talk really isn’t my thing.

"When it comes to my art, I find that it is my meditation, my medicine, and my healing.  I am a Creatrix!  Arts and crafts have been part of my life as far back as I can remember.  My mother would take me to the craft store and wait patiently while I chose my supplies.  In fact, nearly fifty years later, I still have decoupage pieces that I made as a child. 

From drawing to painting, clay to jewelry, taking and editing pictures, writing to playing instruments; whatever it is, I love to get lost in the art of creating. I follow my own creativity on whatever path that takes me.  

When I say it is my “meditation, medicine, and healing,” it’s because it is in those moments that I am completely able to escape all space and time, and just lose myself in the moment.  I silence my phone, turn on some music, and hours go by that seem like a few short minutes.  It’s a journey within to create anything, for me. I can just let go and it’s like stepping into a different world.”
“As a healer, I find that art can often be a great catalyst when working with a client.  It is sometimes easier to talk to someone, if they don’t have to make eye contact.  Also, allowing the space for the client to draw or doodle while talking through certain subject matter, can open the path for more meaningful dialogue.

I love art and creating, but I also enjoy being of service, helping others on their path to self-healing and self-discovery.  In the early 90's I studied at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana California to learn hypnotherapy.  I had no idea how much more I would learn there.  Not just about the subject matter, but about myself.  I met so many amazing healers and learned many modalities that I find powerful tools that I still use today.  I was able to take courses in NLP, Essential Oils, Art Therapy, and much more.  I have gratefully continued my studies and have since completed all levels of reiki healing and am now a certified Reiki Master.  When I am working with clients,  I use my intuitive ability to assist in determining which healing modality(s) best suit the client, because healing and transformation is not one-size fits all." 



Reiki Master
Guided Imagery
Handwriting Analysis
Healing With Art
Past Life Regression

Smoking Cessation

Sandy offers Workshops & Classes in  Remote Healing, Developing Your Intuition, Chakra Basics, The Law of Attraction, Meditation Made Easy, Affirmations of Change and Transformation, Designing and Maintaining Your Vision Board, Meet Your Inner Child, Essential Oils and Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Understanding Fibromyalgia, Women and Divorce, How to Sell More and Make More Money, Living in Gratitude, Visualization to Manifestation, Practical Uses for Reiki.

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